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Traducir: tarea bella, necesaria e imposible. Poesías de Antonio Machado

  1. Magdalena Potocka


Translation — a task of beauty, necessity and impossibility. Antonio Machado’s poetry

The paper is a continuation of a former analysis included in Estudios Hispánicos, vol. 12. The author follows the same method, choosing a pair of Polish translations of one poem by Antonio Machado and comparing them in the aspects of their formal fidelity, artistic values and Polish normatives of poetry. This leads her to state questions concerning the good of the target reader and the impossibility of ideal poetic transfer between languages. In order to find the answer, she conducts three simultaneous analyses, that is, one of the original work and respective analyses of the translations.

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Estudios Hispánicos

16, 2008

Strony od 135 do 144

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