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Las imágenes de Dios y del Hombre en Salmos: un análisis discursivo de traducciones de la Biblia en espańol y en neerlandés

  1. Joni Heirbaut


The images of God and Man in Psalms: Discourse analysis of Spanish and Dutch Bible translations

Through a comparative discourse analysis, we examine to what extent the conceptualization of the relationship between God and man varies, in 30 psalms, in modern Spanish and Dutch Bible translations. We analyze the lexical expressions denoting them, with a focus on person reference, the syntactic distribution of the constituents referring to them and their discourse and semantic roles. The corpus is drawn from the Wilibrordvertaling (1995) and Biblia de Jerusalén (1998), used mainly in Catholic circles, and the Nieuwe Bijbelvertaling (2004) and Dios Habla Hoy (2002), interconfessional translations. On average, each subcorpus counts 1084 verbal clauses, our basic research units. Following the idea put forward in politeness studies that among the European, and by expansion Western, cultures or language communities, some tend to ‘distance’ while others rather privilege ‘solidarity’ in social relationships, we postulate that although the over-all image of God and Man is similar in the different versions, the interactional distance between them differs.

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Estudios Hispánicos

19, 2011

Strony od 151 do 164

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