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Izabela Lutosławska: escritora, traductora, publicista Recepciones mutuas

  1. Monika Bednarczuk


Izabela Lutosławska: a writer, a translator and a publisher

The article atempts to present Izabela Lutosławska (daughter of Sofía Casanova and Wincenty Lutosławski) as a novelist and translator. The author suggests interpreting the works of Lutosławska in the political, religious and philosophical context of the thirties, since her novels show the influence of national Polish ideology, Catholic writers, and such thinkers as Bierdiajew, Maritain. The popular concept of “new Middle Ages” is related to one of crucial motifs of Lutosławska, that is the figure of a woman (mother) incarnating love. Simultaneously, the values usually underestimated in men’s society: “everyday-life”, the emotional dimension of a human being as well as women’s trivial “bustling” become a way of discovering (or fulfilling) the meaning of human existence a way juxtaposed to the “intellectual” one.

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Estudios Hispánicos

15, 2007

Strony od 89 do 99

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