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Las culturas periféricas de Espana en Polonia. Algunas reflexiones acerca del I Congreso Nacional: Lenguas y culturas minoritarias de la Península Ibérica en los estudios polacos

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Peripheral cultures of Spain in Poland. A few reflections on the First National Symposium: Languages and Minority Cultures of the Iberian Peninsula in Polish Studies

The aim of the text is to try to summarize the First Symposium (Languages and Minority Cultures of the Iberian Peninsula in Polish Studies) that took place in October 2006 in Kraków at the Jagiellonian University. The goal of the first meeting of researchers who work on cultures and languages of Catalonia, Galicia and Basque Country was to consolidate Polish researchers and also to review the areas of research, to summarize the achievements and to exchange their experiences in the field of promotion, teaching and translation. The Symposium helped to formulate the most urgent goals that could lead to more effective teaching and to popularize the knowledge of the most important minorities of Iberian Peninsula. At the same time a few questions of the character of future studies concerning Iberian minorities in Poland and their organizational perspectives in the light of their status, that is limited by the field of Spanish and Romance philology, was set. Those perspectives, however, do not seem clear at the moment.

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Estudios Hispánicos

15, 2007

Strony od 281 do 285

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