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La disciplina como clave contemporánea en un artículo de Juan-Eduardo Cirlot

  1. Joaquín Riquelme Ribas


Discipline as a contemporary key to Juan-Eduardo Cirlot’s article

The objective of this paper, taking as starting point the article of Juan Eduardo Cirlot (1916–1973) entitled “Magia y disciplina,” is to clarify one of the fundamental concepts in the worldview of this poet: his idea of discipline. With this aim, we analyze this idea, firstly in relation to the archetype of the warrior, and secondly with the magician archetype embodied by Cirlot, in the figure of Gurdjieff. In this paper the different types of relationships are described between these symbols and the concept analysed. In conclusion, we highlight the importance of Cirlot’s article in understanding the author’s work.

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Estudios Hispánicos

21, 2013

Strony od 159 do 166

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