Una nota sobre Lucrècia en "Lo somni" de Bernat Metge

  1. Sònia Gros Lladós


A note on Lucretia in Bernat Metge’s Lo somni

This paper aims to analyse the figure of Roman Lucretia character in her literary classical tradition, considering the main versions in ancient and Italian literature, to observe Metge’s treatment of Lucretia’s tradition. We compare different texts on Lucretia’s rape, those of Livy, Ovid and Valerius Maximus in Latin Literature; Christian interpretation by Saint Augustine; and Italian humanism recreations by Petrarch and Boccaccio. We observe Lo somni’s reference to Lucretia as based mainly on Petrarch’s Familiares but we also corroborate that Metge completes his text with details he takes from other authors to elaborate apersonal recreation. In conclusion, Metge’s reference to Roman Lucretia confirms the relevance of Petrarch’s prose to his work and the way he consciously dialogues with classical and Italian authors.

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Estudios Hispánicos

22, 2014

Pages from 83 to 94

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