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Mediación y bibliotecas: los fondos bibliográficos españoles de Yorck von Wartenburg

  1. José Luis Losada Palenzuela


Mediation and libraries: The Spanish book collection of Yorck von Wartenburg

An undefined number of Spanish books held in the Special Collections of the Wrocław University Library (Poland) belonged once to the Yorck von Wartenburg family, which had a large private library in their Silesian residence in Klein Oels. The paper starts from the methodological approach to cultural mediation as described by cultural transfer studies and moves forth to contextualizing history of the private library, clarifying the role of the mechanisms involved in its creation (i.e. Ludwig Tieck’s private library) and presenting their interaction space (Joachim Ringelnatz as a librarian), to reach the conclusion that research on historical private libraries or on book provenance can be descriptive as well as it can show the interaction and exchange within a cultural realm.

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Estudios Hispánicos

23, 2015

Strony od 103 do 117

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