El salmo 59 como base de la interpretación apocalíptico-milenarista de la misión fundadora de los franciscanos en Nueva España

  1. Jerzy Achmatowicz ORCiD: 0000-0002-6810-2009



Psalm 59 as the basis of apocalyptic-millenaries interpretation of in New Spain Franciscans the founder’s mission

Article treat about the criticism of sources. In this case it comes to appeal to the Spanish chroniclers Motolinii and Mendieta to Psalm 59. In Mendieta comes to special translate a fragment of the same psalm, which is one of the foundations of apocalyptic-millenaries interpretation of the Franciscan missions in Mexico in the first half of the sixteenth century.
Using specific translating tools we show that the said base includes acceptance of confusion mentioned Psalm, which allows us to identify the specific validity of source criticism. It should be mentioned that the analysis of a fragment of Psalm 59, which in this context is the first to carry out the extensive literature on the subject, both when it comes to apocalyptic-millenaries perception of Franciscan spirituality among the missionaries operating in New Spain (including Phelan, Baudot) as well as the critics of such perception (Lino Canedo, Andrés Martín, Zaballa Beascoechea).


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Estudios Hispánicos

24, 2016

Pages from 9 to 21

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