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Problemáticas de la crítica literaria. Narrativa negrista en el Perú

  1. Aymará de Llano


Problems of literary criticism. The negrista narrative in Peru


This paper briefly describes the historical process of the inclusion of black culture during the era of America’s colonization and the interpretive reading of it was done from the perspective of literary criticism. This has been referred to concepts related to both black culture itself and a new thinking about identity concept. It also offers a tour of some literary expressions of the twentieth century Peruvian narrative: Matalaché by Albújar Lopez, Monólogo desde las tinieblas by Gálvez Ronceros, Babá Osaím, cimarrón, ora por la santa muerta by Cromwell Jara Jiménez, finally Tierra de caléndula and Crónicas de músicos y diablos by Gregorio Martínez. In conclusion, the paper raises issues that arise for literary criticism because of this study object.

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Estudios Hispánicos

18, 2010

Strony od 109 do 118

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