La belleza de los ángeles en la obra poética de Federico García Lorca. Un estudio estilístico de "San Gabriel. Sevilla"

  1. Anne Lacroix


Angels' beauty in the poetic works of Federico García Lorca. A stylistic study of “San Gabriel. Sevilla”

The character of the angel is well represented in the poetic works of F. García Lorca, especially
the character of Saint Gabriel. Influenced by his religious upbringing and surroundings, he evokes its nature and its calling. The poet describes the Annunciation to Mary and builds up mental images of the angel. By its appearance, the angel is tied to the human condition, it takes human form and by its exceptional beauty, it becomes the symbol of sensuality. The study through style of “San Gabriel. Sevilla” shows the relationships this poet maintains with God and Man, and his talent in the art of poetry.

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Estudios Hispánicos

16, 2008

Pages from 51 to 61

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